We are reservation only.Please inform us as immediately if you are going to be late or
if you are unable to make your appointment soon as possible

*You may make special requests such as tools, costumes, or play preferences
*We accept appointment mail only for overseas residents.

 Trial short minute course

* If you add only 5000yen you can reserve two mistresses for W mistress session or one master and one mietress for The Master &Mistress course!!!
*We are reservation only at least one day prior, each mistress has a regular several Job besides BDSM queen.
If you would like to make a booking at the day,Please let us know before 11:00am over the phone .
but We'll try to treat your booking in flexible whenever during their working time
*,Please don't hesitate to contact us for your booking in your convinience
Thank you for your Understanding and cooperation.

* Reservation for this course must be made at least one day prior to your reserved day.
*Thank you for your unterstanding and Cooperation.
(Each Mater has several regular jobs in the day time beside SM club,.Therefor We are very sorry to take your time out of your busy schedule but We would ,ask you to let us have some time for book your appointment)
*We aren't a gay only BDSM CLUB , This session includes one Mater and one Mistress.
The customer can not reserve just one Master.
*This W master & Mistress session is for SM humiliation only not for extra curriculars sexual activity.

*If you would prefer us to visit the hotel you will stay. Please let us know which hotel will you stay and room number in advance
We will ask you that you pay for round taxi fee for mistress
(starting point is center of Shinjyuku area)
*We will try to treat your appointment in flexible so Even If the hotel you've stayed is out of our servise area,please don't be hesitate to consult to receptionist

Example)Boutique hotel in Shinjyuku Kabuki-cho
Hotel rate Two adults 100min 4000.00JPY
Three adults 100min 6500.00JPY
You will meet Domina at Meeting point coffe shop located by Shinjyuku Station East exsit 1minute by walk.
The Boutique hotel is located 5minute away from meeting point.

Example)Rental photo studio in Shinjyuku 2-choume
1 2 3 4
Rental rate per room Three adults Room 1. 2 100min 14000.00JPY
Three adults Room 3. 4 100min 8000.00JPY
We will arrange the pre-order of the studio at the same time when we booking your session.. Please offer which studio room do you prefer to a receptionist in 1 to 4 room

Meeting point:Shinjuyku 3 choume station (Toei Shinjuyku line ・Hukutoshin line,Marunouti lineC8exit
The Coffe shop located from C8 exit 30second by walk

Caution!!We will arrangement studio room for visitor when your apointment reservation is completed,

About Cancellation
We are terribly sorry but it would be helpful if you could inform us in advance
at least one dy prior ,

Example)We will visit The hotel you're staying by Taxi from Shinjyuku area
We will visit the hotel room you are staying by taxi from Shinjyuku area,We will request that you pay for Taxi round trip fee to domina.
Availability hours: 13:00hrs to 21:00hrs

”Please let us know which mistress would you prefer as well as
the date and time, length of session, and whether you prefer your own hotel or the boutique hotel or rental photo studio.

*We are reservation only at least one day prior but If you would like to make a booking at the day,Please let us know before 11:00am over the phone . We'll treat your booking in flexible whenever during their working time