The "WAJIN-DEN" is a part of the official history of "Gi" which ruled the east China at about 3rd century. And in the story, there is the description on "Bun-shin" of the people in "Wa", which country being considerable as the ancient Japan. Bun-shin means tatoo. Therefore, the "WAJIN-DEN" is the oldest documents on the tatoo in Japan.

 Bun-shin was curved on the ancient dolls,the Do-gu or the Haniwa,which were used for a burial after the death of King at that time.

 While I am looking at the Bun-shins on these dolls, I always imagine the prayers and the hopes of the ancient people.

 the Bun-shin,namely tatoo, has been continued from the ancient era in Japan. However it had been strictly banned from the late Edo era to the Showa era for 137 years, but it had never been died. The reason Why? That is because people were fascinated by tatoo and got to take a needle or threw out themselves to be curved on.

 I am also enslaved by tatoo which still glitters mysteriously.


 All male adults and male children have tattoo carved on their faces and bodies. When they visited Chinese Palace from ancient times, they always named themselves as TAIFU. When the child of SYOUKOU, who was Emperor of the XIA dynasty, when it was pre-Anyan, were confined in KAIKEI area, they taught to the KAIKEI people to cut hair and to carve a tattoo in order to avoid the damage of shark. Now the fisherman of the WI country carves a tattoo, and they like to dive into the water, to eat fish and shells. This tattoo was a charm for a big fish and a waterfowl, but became an ornament later. It is different in every country. One tattoo is at left side and another is at right side. One tattoo is big one and another is small one. It shows the wide gap between wealth and poverty. It is calculated that Japanese Capital is located at the further east side of the eastern area where KAIKEI governed.

 The manners and customs are not obscene. About Man's hair style, a cotton cloth is put on his topknot. The clothes are connected oblong cloths, which aren't sewed. About woman's hair style, the hair is folded back. As for woman's clothes there is a hole in the center of one cloth to pass a head through it. Rice, hemp and mulberry are cultivated. They raise silkworms, spin threads, and produce hemp yarn, silk, cotton. There is no difference in animals such as a cow, a horse, a tiger, a leopard, a sheep and a hen here.

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